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Low back pain help

Lower Back Pain Help

Lower back pain is a common occurrence for a high proportion of people whether it is intermittent or constant. Reasons for lower back pain include poor posture, trauma, wear and tear, repetitive strain and lifting injuries. Symptoms in the area can include aches, sharp pain, nagging and burning pain which are aggravated by sitting, standing or lying. Sleep disturbances are common especially when turning over in bed or when associated leg pain (Sciatica) is present. If low back pain does not subside after a few days or worsens it is worth coming in to seek advice as early treatment can help you get better faster. Most people suffer from ‘simple’ or ‘mechanical’ back pain which means that it is unrelated to any serious conditions with no trapped nerves.
The National Institution for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) consider manual therapies including chiropractic for managing low back pain.